A scrap book of my notes and learning as I age.

It’s called myworksanddays in cheeky homage to Hesiod and his ‘Works and Days’ (800 BC): the original self-help book,  not just for farmers in ancient Greece, but for anyone looking for a  ‘how to live’ , now that Pandora’s only gone and opened up the box…

Early Manuscript of Hesiod’s Works and Days

Image of Hesiod manuscript

Ancient bronze bust, the so-called Pseudo-Seneca, now conjectured to be an imaginative portrait of Hesiod.


I also write poems every now and again and draw animals


Quantum Faith

As sure as fire is hot,
Moons move. The thing I am now will

Swap places with another

All is equal at the sun atomic level.
No questioning reality,
Expect it of anything

Time is constant, possibly.
Some stars have made it to our eyes in

An everlasting instant


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